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Webydo websites are perfect starter sites

by | Oct 31, 2014 | 0 comments

I know you are wondering “If Webydo is so great why is your site built in WordPress?” That’s a good question and as I started redesigning my site in WordPress I questioned myself repeatedly.

As a designer, both print and web, I feel I need to prove my skills on as many platforms as possible, a testament to my skill-set if you will.  Graphic design is a competitive field.  It’s not just your creative and artistic ability but your technical skills as well that you must showcase.  Today, a freelance designer can’t have one without the other.

I always believed that just because I have a whole box of crayons it doesn’t mean I need to use all the colors at once. The same goes with my technical skills. I apply them based on the clients needs, budget and time allowed. With my own site I am hoping to show a tasteful selection of my combined creativity and technical ability along with my portfolio of projects throughout my 30+ year career.

Back to Webydo. Yes, if I was creating my site in Webydo I would be done by now.  Webydo by far is simpler, quicker and more geared to designers who are use to a WYSIWYG platform without a need to know code. When it comes to Danfree Design I would love to take the time some day to just show off my artistic flare on our website. But, I am here in WordPress, with a “can-do” attitude.

When it comes to my own site I am a bit like my Dad; home projects have always sat a little longer than they should, not quite finished.  Alas, I plan on plugging away and creating the most functional, creative WordPress website my client workload will allow.

Webydo will still be my first option to new clients looking to turn out a custom website in a week or two. The decision will always be the clients.

Completion date: TBD.


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